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Michelle Dowling-President & CEO L'esprit de L'Ame
Michelle -She practically grew up collecting vintage costume jewelry at an early age where she learned the ins and outs and background on antiques and collectibles.  She became an Autodidact, collecting bibelots and antiques at that point.  Spending a great bit of her time in libraries or educative websites.  With a given passion for history and collectibles,her eyes became trained in everything from fine art to museum mounting to patina and construction, which helped to develop a more sophisticated and savvy collecting approach.  She has enjoyed the process of learning what makes a piece unique with the thrill of amassing the qualities of objects.  This knowledge helps and assist in obtaining quality collectibles.  Her passion for vintage plastic jewelry of the early 20th century lead her desire to recycle her own designs. 


The best antique shops will have the best examples of merchandise with the best teaching to help you understand why an object is great.


Collecting quality antiques that will appreciate in value.

Condition is one of the important factors as a piece ages. The objective is to collect pieces that are unaltered and has been well preserved.



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